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Competitive Tracker

Competitive Tracker is the most powerful search tool of email marketing intelligence on the market today. Using insights from actual consumer inboxes over time, it returns the market intelligence you need quickly, without compromising depth or detail, so you can compete more effectively in the inbox. Competitive Tracker offer flexible searching by keyword, domain or filtered, alert functionality and fully customizable charts and reports. And now with our new Brand Compare functionality, you can select the brands and timeframes that are the most important to you and Competitive Tracker will automatically search, organize and report on them for you.

With Competitive Tracker, you can easily understand your competition’s strategy:

Full complement of emails sent to all subscriber segments

Subject lines, creative, promotions and affiliate strategies

Mailing volumes, depth of file, frequency, segmentation and triggered messaging schemes

Inbox placement by campaign

Open and delete rates

Overlap with your audiences

Mobile optimization