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Inbox Tracker


Inbox Tracker allows you to monitor — in real time — any fluctuations in inbox placement by email campaign or IP address. This insight tells you if your messages were delivered to the inbox, spam/junk folder — or not — so you can react immediately to any fluctuation in inbox delivery rates. You know what’s happening right now, instead of what might have happened when you sent the email. This is the solution for real-time deliverability monitoring!

Using panel data from four of the largest ISPs, virtual personas, and seed data from more than 100 mailbox providers across the globe, Inbox Tracker is able to pull highly accurate, statistically significant results regarding deliverability of individual campaigns, volume per IP address over time, and much more.

Tri-source, real-time processing ensures more accurate results than traditional seed-based solutions

Tracks overall inbox placement and read rates, as well as by major ISP

Automated blacklist alerts

Advanced analytics to understand recipients’ email clients, viewing environments, browser details, client engagement

Domain set creation

Customizable data sources, region exclusions and source indicators