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Partner API

Build the power of eDataSource’s solutions directly into your products, reports or CRM systems. Seamlessly transfer email deliverability data, campaign information, company data and much more with our easy-to-use REST-based API service.

Our API is designed to allow you to seamlessly integrate the exact same powerful datasets that fuel our web tools directly into your product, CRM or reports. With our fast and easy-to-use API you can quickly determine the email service provider (ESP) for most senders, find sending volumes, contact information, or even look at individual email creatives.

We believe that you should be able to use the data in a way that accomplishes your mission and fits into your existing infrastructure. We will work with you to create a dedicated API setup which exports the data in the format you require. We support options from near-real time batch exports in CSV format to our realtime REST API.

API Partners can use the same advanced search capability to easily discover the latest (or historical) email campaigns not only for themselves, but for all of their competitors. Our search capability allows you to quickly search for any keyword in the subject or body, from any sender, matching your own filtering criteria. Want to search for all emails containing the words “25% off” that were sent in the past 7 days and had a read rate of > 20%? No problem. Want to quickly find prospects who are getting poor deliverability at their current ESP? Our powerful API makes this seamless and simple.