Obtain transparency into digital messaging!Subscribe to Competitive Tracker and gain access to our database of millions of unique email marketing campaigns.

We can also provide custom reports and insights using data from Competitive Tracker, custom data feeds for partners to incorporate into their products and services, and competitive intelligence for ecommerce activity.

Competitive Tracker

Competitive Tracker is our flagship product that provides complete insight and transparency into the world of email marketing!

Competitive Tracker enables you to:

  • Search for email creatives
  • Compare the email and social media activity of specific competitors through a customizable dashboard
  • Prospect new business opportunities
  • Overlap Analysis shows you who’s competing with you in the inbox

Customized Insight Reports

Our strategic services and research teams offer customized data-rich reports to put digital marketing programs in perspective, including competitive brand analysis, top sending domains, and inbox placement & deliverability.

Data Services

We can provide feeds of our data via API or customized reporting, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Ecommerce Monitoring

We now offer competitive intelligence for ecommerce activity. We can provide unique competitive, marketing and business insights into sales trends and specific product sales at major online retailers and subscription services by analyzing purchase receipts received by email.