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Track Inbox Placement With Your Actual Subscribers

We at eDataSource have pioneered a revolutionary way to monitor inbox delivery with the scientific accuracy you need as a sender.

With our live user panel of over 2 million active users, we have your inbox placement covered. Traditionally, seed lists have been used to monitor your inbox placement. However, seed monitoring is no longer adequate model the behavior-driven actions that the providers, such as Gmail, use to determine whether to place your campaign in the inbox or the spam folder.

Our disruptive monitoring solution fully replaces the need for seed lists at all the major ISPs.

With Inbox Tracker 2.0 Deliverability monitoring is no longer a guessing game.  


User engagement is crucial for high inbox placement!    |
Key Features

  • Zero-configuration Setup
  • Inbox placement monitored at over 2 million active inboxes
  • Most accurate global coverage at Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and AOL
  • Tier-Two ISP coverage with (optional) seed usage

  • Real-time engagement monitoring
  • Spam-trap monitoring
  • Monthly inactivity monitoring
  • IP reputation and blacklist monitoring

|    EDS Monitors Over 2 million Real Inboxes For Your Inbox Placement!
Real-time, Actionable Intelligence

Is you deliverability tool raising more questions than it’s answering? Are you seeing results that make no sense compared to your other analytics? And even after all of that, are you still having to wait for hours and sometimes days to make critical decisions about your email marketing performance?

eDataSource’s disruptive platform provides near real-time decision making information at your fingertips.  On average, we begin monitoring your email campaigns within 2 minutes of them leaving your Email Services Provider.

Easily Answer Questions Such As:

  • What portion of my list is inactive?
  • Did my email make it to the inbox?
  • Are my subscribers reading my email?
  • Where are my subscribers located?
  • Am I being blacklisted?
  • How am I doing as a sender?
  • Is my authentication working correctly?

Inbox Tracker 2.0 is the only platform to provide you with real-time, actionable intelligence!

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Customizable Dashboards

Access key information at-a-glance with minimal configuration effort.  Are you focused on Gmail? Setup a inbox view only into Gmail’s inbox placement.   Are you responsible for managing multiple accounts, across multiple senders?  Easily Setup distinct profiles and have customized dashboards for each account.  

  • Easily monitor inbox placement across the globe
  • Customizable dashboards provide you the data you need, when you need it
  • Easily adjust and account for list specific weights and makeups
Improper SPF, DKIM and DMARC can kill your inbox    |
Analyst Alert Tracker
Actively monitor what matters to you most, even when you can't


Define alerts which meet your specific job function and role. Setup as many alerts as you need. We’ll even provide suggestions to resolve your alert when possible!


In 2013 we launched the first-ever realtime alert deliverability monitoring system with support for email, SMS and webhooks.  We are bringing the same powerful alert notifications that our Competitive Tracker users have enjoyed for years to Inbox Tracker 2.0!

Receive your alerts via email, SMS, email-JSON or even third-party webhooks. We will be adding new notification methods in the very near future as well – first up? #Slack!


We understand that some alerts you want immediately others once a day.  With Analyst Alerts you have the flexibility to setup how often your alert checks will run.

Are you ready to improve your inbox placement?