Subject Line Predict

POWERED BY PERSADO Pre-test subject lines and predict how well they’ll perform, get alternate word choice options to generate maximum lift
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Coming up with engaging subject lines is a constantly evolving challenge. What’s even more challenging is actually getting your emails read. Subject Line Predict provides you with word choice recommendations to reflect the emotional triggers that will generate the highest lift in open/read rates.

Powered by Persado, the “Marketing Language Cloud,” Subject Line Predict is informed by one of the world’s largest language databases, with over a million words and phrases tagged and scored for consumer marketing.

Emails that don't get read can't drive revenue. Subject Line Predict is able to quantify open rates for you, recommend alternate subject line suggestions, and predict new data-driven results to improve message performance.

Subject Line Predict Features

Type in a subject line you’re considering using and an actual predicted open rate will be calculated

See alternate phrase recommendations based on each emotional theme within your subject line and predict new results

Compare this against all mail sent from any one mailing domain (either your own or any other brand)

Compare your potential subject line to your industry as well as any specific competitor


Complement Your Learnings with Subject Line Advisor
Take a deep dive into your email campaign history, better understand the emotional profile of your audience, & make data-driven improvements to your subject lines and messaging.

Learn more about Subject Line Advisor.

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