Inbox Tracker Add-Ons

CUSTOM FEATURES, TAILORED SOLUTIONS The most powerful deliverability tool on the market, customized to suit your specific program needs.
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Supercharge your deliverability suite with a range of add-on features tailored to your specific email marketing program needs. From automated deliverability infrastructure checks to email design testing to subject line optimization and more, we can customize your Inbox Tracker suite of solutions to help you get the most out of this powerful tool.

Inbox Tracker Add-On Features

Reputation Advisor

A first-of-its-kind feature, Reputation Advisor takes what had previously been a manual audit process and automates 100+ system checks from the following categories: Configuration & Set-Up, Infrastructure Details, Authentication & Compliance, IP Reputation & Performance, and Policy & Practices. More thorough than any existing tool on the market, Reputation Advisor checks key elements of your program and alerts you of any underlying issues, ensuring maximum inbox placement of your emails.

Subject Line Advisor &
Subject Line Predict

Powered by Persado

Subject Line Advisor will help you better understand the emotional profile of your audience, improve subject lines on the fly, and make data-driven improvements to your messaging. Subject Line Predict will allow you to pre-test subject lines and project read rates before you even deploy. You can also compare your subject lines against your industry as well as any competitor and even get alternate word-choice recommendations to maximize lift.

Design Tracker

Powered by Litmus

Design Tracker lets you view your email campaign the way your customers would before you hit send. It allows you to preview mailings by first sending them to a generated recipient list based on virtual personas and see how they render and function across a broad selection of desktop, web-based or mobile email clients. This empowers you to address any issues that might affect inbox placement and get the feedback you need to make your mailing more effective and engaging.

Your Tool. Your Way.

Speak to one of eDataSource’s knowledgeable tool experts today for a free, personalized demo of Inbox Tracker along with all of its add-on features including Reputation Advisor, Design Tracker (powered by Litmus), and our newest features, Subject Line Advisor and Subject Line Predict (powered by Persado).  We'll work together to craft a custom solution, tailored to meet your specific program needs.